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When you sponsor a room at Centrepoint you open the door to a new future for a vulnerable young person. With just £12 a month you help give them a place of safety, away from the daily risks of homelessness - and the support they need to overcome past trauma, rebuild their life and fulfill their true potential. 

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Why your help is needed

At risk and without support, many homeless young people are being denied the chance they so desperately want to get back into education or start a career. A room at Centrepoint can give a young person the safety, stability and support they need to start rebuilding their life. by sponsoring a room for just 40p a day, you can be part of that amazing transformation.

Catherine, a Centrepoint young person.

We support 15,000 homeless young people to help them rebuild their lives.

Aidan, a Centrepoint young person.

Become one of 45,000 room sponsors to help change a young person's life.

An image of a young man supported by Centrepoint. You can help fund support services for young people who have slept rough by sponsoring a room at Centrepoint.

You can help fund support services for young people who have slept rough.

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As a Centrepoint room sponsor, you will help us...

  • Provide a warm, safe room for a homeless young person, giving them the stability and security they need to overcome past trauma and begin a new life
  • Support young people with counselling, health support and practical advice
  • Give young people the skills they need to find a job, or support them into education
  • Help young people move on independently, rebuilding their lives and relationships

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Shona's Story

At just 17, Shona found herself homeless after a foster placement broke down. But, with a room of her own at Centrepoint, and support she needed, she has now finished college, completed an apprenticeship and secured a place at university. 

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Homeless and vulnerable, too many young people like Shona are left at risk of abuse and with no hope for the future. By sponsoring a room for just £12 a month, you could provide a homeless young person a safe place to live at Centrepoint, access to health support and help into education and work.

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Room Sponsor FAQs Extra info

Where does your donation go? What's a room like? How many people sponsor a room? All this and more can be found in our Sponsor a Room FAQs.

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