London Mayor 2021: who will tackle youth homelessness in the capital?

Pascale Day, Senior Editorial and Web Officer

Today sees the London mayoral elections take place once again, but this year will be different from the others: in the wake of a pandemic that has devastated the lives of many all over the country, there is much to rebuild. All candidates have vowed to improve London over the next four years – but who will make a difference to the lives of homeless young people?

Young, black and homeless: observations from Centrepoint’s front line

Pooja Singh, Digital Campaigns and Mobilisation Officer

More than 50% of the young people Centrepoint supports come from a Black, Asian and ethnic minority background. As such, our hope this Black History Month is to initiate conversations that will help foster a fully inclusive culture at Centrepoint. Here, Digital Campaigns and Mobilisation Officer, Pooja Singh, sheds light on the challenges of being young, Black and homeless, from the perspectives of Centrepoint’s frontline staff.

Photograph showing the Dazed logo in black on a red and blue wall

Two nights with DAZED LIVE, in aid of Centrepoint

Jenny Sym, Senior Corporate Development Officer

On the 9 and 10 October Centrepoint’s corporate partner, Dazed, invited its audiences to come behind the scenes at its HQ at 180 The Strand in London for DAZED LIVE, to mark their 30th anniversary. The two-day festival, aimed at 16- to 25-year-olds, focused on making and showcasing music, art, fashion, activism and more, all in aid of Centrepoint.

Homeless teen to Olympic hero: Jade Johnson’s message of hope

Jade Johnson, Former Centrepoint Resident

Most people know Jade Johnson as an Olympic track and field athlete; many may recognise her from her high-scoring Foxtrot on Strictly Come Dancing. But before Jade made it big, she spent a brief period as a homeless young person at 17. Here she tells us about her experience – and how it’s made her a stronger person.

How Centrepoint supports young refugees and asylum seekers

Pascale Day, Senior Editorial and Web Officer

Centrepoint’s goal is to help vulnerable young people become independent enough to live a good life that they can thrive in. And we are open to all homeless young people, regardless of their geographical circumstances. Whether they’ve been kicked out of their family home in London or have travelled to the UK as an unaccompanied minor, we’re here to help.

Young person outside sitting on the grass with their rucksack

Four ways you can help the homeless in the cost of living crisis

A recent UK parliament report has found that inflation could reach its highest level recorded since 1992. With wages not growing nearly as fast, the chasm between earnings and the cost of living is growing at a seismic rate, leaving thousands to increasingly cut costs to keep themselves afloat. This is a nationwide crisis: it affects us all, but certainly touches some more than others. So, how can you help the homeless if you don’t have the resources to donate your own money?