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Centrepoint in Manchester

Centrepoint has been supporting homeless 16-25 year-olds in Manchester since February 2017.

Our services in central Manchester help young people on their first step into a home and a job.

We're back!

Over the past couple of years, we developed ambitious plans to physically transform our building at 52 Oldham Street, helping to ensure that Greater Manchester’s homeless young people feel safe, valued and cared for. For the last 12 months we've been based at North Parade, but we're now back at Oldham Street.

A teenager looks on from a bench. With your help, we can help give homeless young people a future

Youth homelessness in Manchester

Young people sleeping rough is a shocking and increasingly visible problem in Manchester. Sadly, youth homelessness runs even deeper than having to spend nights on the street. Complex mental and physical health needs, gang crime, and a lack of access to education are just some the barriers young people face.

In 2017/18, at least 5,000 young people in Manchester approached their local authority because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Issue

Our impact in Manchester

Centrepoint merged with Young People's Support Foundation (YPSF) in 2017. This combined our expertise in health, education and housing support with YPSF's local knowledge. As a result, vulnerable young Mancunians now have a better chance to overcome the challenges they face.

An icon representing Centrepoint provides support from those leaving supported accommodation.

We support more than 2,000 homeless young people a year in Manchester.

A graphic presenting the location of operation for Centrepoint and sites where Centrepoint provides housing for homeless

We run two centres where homeless young people can find essential support.

Centrepoint provides housing for homeless young people: a graphic representing that young people move on positively after leaving Centrepoint.

94 per cent of young people move on positively from Centrepoint.

An image of Abi, a homeless young person who was helped by Centrepoint. She lived in a Centrepoint sponsored room and is now excited about her future.


When her mum died, Abi’s relationship with her dad broke down. Scared he would turn violent, Abi felt she had no choice but to sleep rough on the streets of Manchester.

But coming to Centrepoint was a turning point. Here she got a warm, safe room and received support to help rebuild her life.

How you can help

You can be part of giving homeless young people a future. Support Centrepoint in Manchester by taking on a fundraising challenge, sponsoring a room in one of our services or getting your company involved.

Contact our Helpline

If you're based in Manchester and need help, please call our Helpline and a member of our team will provide you with the support you need.

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