Equality and Diversity

We challenge the discrimination within society that contributes to youth homelessness, and we are just as committed to fairness and equality within Centrepoint itself. 

We are an equal opportunities employer and we welcome applications regardless of sex, gender, race, age, belief in any religion and none, gender identity, ethnic origin, class, sexuality, nationality, appearance, unrelated criminal activities, disability, responsibility for dependants, part time or shift workers, being HIV positive or living with AIDS and any other matter which causes a person to be treated with injustice. 

We are mindful of legislation from the Equality Act (2010) at all times. We have a clear strategy on these matters and explicit plans to actively promote anti-discriminatory practices in all areas of Centrepoint. 

At all levels, we seek to eliminate all forms of discrimination and promote equality as we fulfil our duties as an employer, a charity, a company, and a registered social landlord.