A woman volunteers for Centrepoint

Volunteer for Centrepoint

Join the amazing group who donate their time, skills and passion to change homeless young people's lives.

Mentor a young person one-to-one, share your expertise or support our staff team to help Centrepoint have an even bigger impact.

Current opportunities

We rely on our volunteers

We simply couldn't have as big a positive effect on young people's lives without the support of volunteers. By meeting up to pursue shared interests, broadening their horizons by helping them try new things or supporting their education and personal development - you could play a significant part in a homeless young person's future.

Centrepoint has supported homeless young people since 1969.

You'd be part of an amazing team

Last year, our volunteers gave more than 10,000 hours of their time to Centrepoint. Every hour given helps us give homeless young people a future.

Young woman has a chat with a Centrepoint member of staff.

Her mentor helped Charity find her feet

Before I met my mentor Sarah, I had no confidence. I thought I had to be the strong and angry type. Sarah always looked out for me. She helped me with work experience and my CV. Now, I’m at university and working on the launch of my company. Because of mentoring, I’ve found my feet in the world. If I didn’t have a mentor when I did, I wouldn’t be where I am.

One-to-one volunteering A stable influence

Give homeless young people some normality back and help them to look forward. You could mentor a young person for 12 months, help them move on from hostel accommodation, support them to improve their maths and english or teach them how to manage their money. We have a number of one-to-one volunteer roles that might be right for you.

Current opportunities

Share your skills Develop theirs

If you're passionate or knowledgeable about something, you could apply your skills to helping homeless young people. Buddy up with a young person who wants to get into the gym or supervise gym sessions if you really know your stuff, volunteer at cooking workshops, teach young people to garden or run sessions that help them gain some of the professional or life skills you have.

Current opportunities

Support our team increase our impact

Help us be a better charity. You can support Centrepoint's work by volunteering as a receptionist at one of our hostels, answering phones and dealing with our residents' queries or being part of projects and research run from our head office in London. We'll give you a meaningful role and a reference at the end of it.

Current opportunities

John Cook, a Centrepoint volunteer

John, Volunteer Mentor and Coach

I really enjoy being part of the Centrepoint team and working with the young people they help.  Through listening and supporting I learn about their challenges and hopes, and we work together on taking steps to move forward in their lives. 

I'm committed to playing my part in supporting young people to have the opportunity to realise their potential.  Volunteering with Centrepoint keeps me learning and keeps me young!  It's immensely rewarding to see a young person develop and grow in confidence.


There are so many ways you can support us

If you can't offer your time, maybe you can sponsor a room at Centrepoint for just 40p a day or take part in a fundraising or challenge event.