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Why do we need the Independent Living Programme?

We want to break the cycle of youth homelessness. The solution is simple: a home, a job, and the support they need to keep both. Every year we support over 14,000 young people and this year we are launching our most ambitious programme to date: Independent Living, so young people can leave homelessness behind for good.

The Need

Centrepoint’s accommodation-based support helps young people move on from homelessness and reach a level of independence where they can move into longer term accommodation with minimal or no support.

But currently one in five young people are ready to move into independence but can’t do so because of:

  • Low wages, higher rates of unemployment and insecure employment
  • High rents and upfront costs, particularly in cities like London and Manchester
  • Lack of social housing
  • Lower benefit rates for young people, even those that have been homeless
  • Private landlords not willing to lend to young people, particularly those who have lived in supported accommodation

This affects the ability of supported housing providers to take on new young people in need of support, and can have damaging impacts on the wellbeing, development and progress made toward independence of those young people struggling to move on.

The statistics


48% of all landlords require a cash deposit from a prospective tenant equal to or less than one month’s rent, and 32% required a deposit greater than the value of a month’s rent.


Only 21% of private landlords would be willing to let to a young person moving on from homelessness accommodation.


543,000 of 16- to 24-year-olds were unemployed in June 2020. 

Jamie's story

At just 16, Jamie was referred to Centrepoint by social services. Since then, she sought help from Centrepoint on four different occasions over a period of six years and we were able to offer Jamie some stability amongst the chaos. Jamie has now moved on from Centrepoint and has recently completed her Masters in Dance. She is in the process of setting up an outreach expression workshop at Centrepoint to support current residents.