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What is the Independent Living Programme?

What is the Independent Living Programme

Centrepoint has always been there for homeless young people and those at risk. We have already helped thousands on a journey to independence, but we are now launching our most ambitious and transformative programme to date: Independent Living, our solution to breaking the cycle of young homelessness for good.

Independent Living is a steep change in how we help young people on their journey through life. Over the next 10 years, we will transform the lives of thousands of young people who need a helping hand to take the important but challenging first step to full independence, by providing them a home to call their own.

Through the delivery of our Independent Living Programme - which links accommodation with jobs and rent with income - and by promoting it for other organisations to deliver, we make housing truly affordable for young people.

We aim to never charge a young person more than one-third of their salary as rent. This would typically mean a young person in London earning £18,000 per year would not pay more than £500 per month (according to HomeLet, the current average rent price in London in September 2019 was £1665).

We aim to deliver 300 homes in London and Greater Manchester.

The Independent Living Programme

A homeless young woman supported by Centrepoint.

Providing a home

A safe place to live is the vital first step to towards independence. Centrepoint will create 300 new homes to start thousands of young people on their journey and transform their lives forever.


Creating a career 

Getting a job and building a career is also a vital ingredient. Our aim is to provide all the training and opportunities needed for young people without a job to start building a career and take the next step to full independence.

Happy young woman chats to a Centrepoint member of staff.

Support to keep both

Keeping a home and a job requires vital life skills many young homeless people lack. Centrepoint will provide continuing support to ensure those we help move on to become fully independent - forever.

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Apprenticeship House

Petterson Haberdasher Apprenticeship House as created through refurbishing and existing Centrepoint building and is one example of how the programme is being delivered.

Apprenticeship House offers recently refurbished, good quality accommodation comprising of seven double bedrooms with sinks, and shared living and kitchen spaces. All residents are on an apprenticeship scheme accessed by Centrepoint or with other providers independently. It was opened by Centrepoint's Patron, HRH The Duke of Cambridge, in November 2019.