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How can I support the programme?

The Independent Living Programme: Homes

new homes

Converting existing Centrepoint properties into communal homes where young people facing similar challenges can live together and support each other.

build crane

Building new homes specifically designed to meet the needs of young people in the early stages of independent living.

The design of Centrepoint's new modular homes

Creating modular homes that are quicker and cheaper to build and that can even be moved to new locations.

young man studies

Working with partners in London and Manchester to develop and incorporate their properties into the programme.

We need your help

A young man supported by youth homelessness charity Centrepoint sitting in his bedroom.

The success of Independent Living relies on four key ingredients.


Our funding target is £6m, but we have phased our home building so we can kick off as soon as we have raised our first half a million pounds. Centrepoint has ring-fenced £3.4m from reserves to start the creation of homes. Our fundraising target is an additional £6m.


Land – even on a temporary basis – would help us reach our goal faster. Temporary plots could accommodate modular homes. Gifts of land could offer the chance to build new permanent homes.

Training, apprenticeships and jobs

Partners who can provide training, apprenticeships and jobs to young people in the Independent Living Programme will make a big difference to its overall success.

Pro-bono support and advice

Architectural design, planning law, contract administration would make investments go further and would help ensure we can provide the best possible Independent Living Programme.

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