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No young person should be left without a place to spend the night

Sadly, we predict that 29,000 young people will be homeless or at risk of homelessness this winter alone. We know from our research that young people are forced to sleep in parks, empty properties or even public toilets because they have nowhere else to go. This Christmas, will you help give a young person safety and the long-term support they need to recover from homelessness?

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£10 could provide a hot meal and clean clothes to a young person coming in from the cold streets

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£20 could provide a young person with a Key Worker who can help them get their life back on track

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£50 could pay for an hour-long counselling session for a young person who has experienced trauma

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Your support is urgently needed this Christmas

COVID-19 created not just a health crisis, but a financial crisis too. As the UK’s economy attempts to get itself back on track, thousands of young people are struggling to find work, having been hit hardest by unemployment over the past 18 months.

The detrimental effects of the pandemic are far from over, and the financial uncertainty continues. As a charity, we rely on the fantastic donations from you, our supporters, to help keep our vital surfaces open and care for those who are struggling during this particularly gruelling and unprecedented time. Any contribution, big or small, will be felt deeply and appreciated greatly.

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Christmas was always a difficult time for 22 year old Carrie*

A sexual assault in her early teens sent her spiralling – at age 15 she ran away and slept rough in the cold with a friend. 

Carrie finally moved into a flat of her own at 18, but she lacked the life skills needed to live independently. She was put in touch with Centrepoint’s floating support service, which helps ensure young people’s health and education needs are being met while they are in emergency accommodation. Thanks to supporters like you, we helped her with everything from budgeting and benefits, to making sure she gets the mental health support needed to overcome the trauma of her childhood.

Read carrie's story

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Ryan* chose to risk sleeping on night buses to avoid the danger of the streets

Ryan became homeless at 16 and was forced to sleep rough. He was terrified and desperate. Ryan recalls: "It was scary. I saw quite a few traumatic things." As temperatures dropped and the cold streets became deadly, Ryan started to sleep on night buses just to stay warm.

Coming to Centrepoint was a turning point in Ryan’s life. Thanks to supporters like you, we gave Ryan a safe warm place to live. During the three years he was supported by us, Ryan worked incredibly hard on his education and recovering from the trauma he experienced. He truly has turned his life around.

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New Year New Start

A turning point that leads to a better future.

With your gift, you could make this Christmas the turning point that leads
a homeless young person to a better future.

By sending your gift today, you could help give a homeless young person a warm welcome at Centrepoint. You could fund the urgent essentials they need – a safe bed and clean clothes – as well as helping to provide vital counselling so they can move on from their trauma.

No place to spend Christmas

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33% of homeless young people have slept in a park

Centrepoint provides housing for homeless young people: a graphic representing that young people move on positively after leaving Centrepoint.

20% have slept in a squat or empty property

An icon representing being tired and exhausted, and other issues homelessness can cause like mental health problems.

7% have slept in a public toilet 

*We use models and change the names of the young people we work with to protect their identity. However, all stories are true and as told by the young person.