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Help put the future back in young people's hands

190 young people have applied for Bursaries this year. All they want is the chance to build a life beyond homelessness. Can you help today?

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£20 could go towards childcare so that a young parent can start higher education

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£50 could help pay for vital equipment so a young person can take on an apprenticeship

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£100 could help go towards a laptop and textbooks for a young person starting university

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Carrie's Story

After her parents were unable to care for her, Carrie entered the care system aged six. Her first foster placement lasted until her early teens, but a sexual assault sent her spiralling, and she began dealing with the trauma through drugs and alcohol. Between the ages of 13 and 18, Carrie had 11 different foster placements.

Today, Carrie lives in her own flat with her three-year-old daughter and receives floating support from Centrepoint. She has just started a degree in social work and is doing exceptionally well.

Your support could help a homeless young person like Carrie finally take control of their future. 

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What makes the Bursary so important?

An icon representing that Centrepoint helps homeless young people with their finances, welfare and benefits.

Around 11% inflation is predicted by the autumn. Every cost associated with a young person taking up their hard-earned opportunity is rising

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Over 1,000 Bursaries have been awarded to homeless young people since the scheme started, thanks to supporters like you

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190 deserving young people’s futures could be changed forever with your help today

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The Bursary helped Tayo to progress

For Tayo, getting onto his plumbing apprenticeship meant a chance to move on from homelessness for good. However, when he reached a point where he couldn’t continue without essential tools, his future suddenly became precarious once more. As Tayo says:

"At the point I was at in the apprenticeship, I needed these things to be able to do the work and learn."

Thanks to supporters like you, we awarded Tayo a Bursary to help him get the tools he needed. 

"My Centrepoint Bursary helped me tenfold. It took my progression at work very far ahead and I’m so grateful for that."

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Shante's Baking Business

Shante had no choice but to move out of her overcrowded family home following the birth of her daughter. With nowhere else to turn, she moved into Centrepoint supported accommodation. With the help of her key worker, she got a job working at Royal Mail. 

When Shante was offered a place on a part-time baking and business course, she saw it as a chance to give her two children a better start in life. Unfortunately, even with her job, the course fees and the cost of equipment were unmanageably high. Her key worker encouraged her to apply for a Centrepoint Bursary and she was thrilled to have her application accepted.

Today, Shante is diligently working towards her dream of building a thriving baking business. We have no doubt she’ll be a big success.

Shante was determined to take control of her future. Centrepoint supporters, like you, helped give her that chance.

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"Right now, I have a stack of Bursary applications on my desk from young people determined to turn their backs on homelessness for good.

For a homeless young person to earn a university place, secure an apprenticeship or receive a job offer is a truly amazing feat. After everything they have been through, it should mean the chance to create a stable and independent future. But sadly, financial costs can be a huge barrier for a young person.

With your support today, I know just how much young people can achieve with help from a Centrepoint Bursary."

- Paul Beaumont, Senior Bursary Coodinator

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Did you know?

Our Bursary provides a critical lifeline to vulnerable young people wanting to continue their studies - in fact, we have three types of Bursary available to help with their specific needs. From help with childcare to funding crucial apprenticeship equipment, find out more about our Bursary below.

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