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Bursary Appeal 2019

Many homeless young people are ready to become independent and move on from Centrepoint. But without the money to pay for basic costs like:

  • training fees
  • apprenticeship tools
  • a work uniform
  • childcare 
  • travel ticket 

It can be impossible for them to start the next chapter of their lives. Help us support homeless young people into training, a job and apprenticeships with a Bursary gift today.

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£25 Could help towards child care costs for a working mum

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£60 Could help a young person cover the travel to their course

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£150 Could help towards the cost of tools for an apprenticeship

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Beatrice: now a strong working mum

When Beatrice arrived at Centrepoint with her baby daughter, she thought she had run out of options. Desperate to support her young daughter, she wanted to pursue a career in radio and TV post production. Beatrice’s Key Worker encouraged her to apply for the childcare costs through the Centrepoint Bursary. Beatrice’s Bursary application was successful and with our Learning team she managed to secure her course too.

‘I just couldn’t see how it was going to work – I needed the training to get a job, but I couldn’t cover the nursery costs to allow me to enrol on the full time course. Three months of childcare is really expensive and it meant my daughter could be in nursery for the whole time I was training and I saw such a great change in her in her personality and development.’

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Jude: Stronger than ever

Jude was thrown out of home by his abusive mother when he just 14. Arriving at Centrepoint when he was just 17, we gave him all the help he needed. When he was ready to take his next big step into employment, a Centrepoint Bursary made it possible. He used his Bursary to cover the travel costs to get to his course in personal training and gym instruction.

‘When I was doing my apprenticeship I wanted to stick to something that I know about, and also something that can give me a career at the end of it, so that I’m prepared. So I decided I would use it to do something productive like personal training.’

Thanks to The Centrepoint Bursary, Jude is now living independently and has a great career as a personal trainer.

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Matt: carving out a career

Matt moved around staying with extended family for most of his childhood. But with no money and no idea where he could get support, his mental health suffered. At his lowest point, Matt spent a night sleeping rough before being referred to Centrepoint. 

Matt received the mental health support he needed to help him move forward. He then applied for a bursary to cover his travel costs to and from his apprenticeship as well as the cost of buying the carpentry tools he needed. Matt’s Bursary helped him get on the road to a better future.  

‘My life has been turned around. I recently got engaged and I’m looking forward to starting a life together with my fiancé. Centrepoint kept guiding me through college and onto an apprenticeship. In the future, I’d like to start a business with my cousins who all work in construction.’

Help a young person become independent with access to training and apprenticeships

Centrepoint supports over 15,000 homeless young people every year. We support every young person to become independent but we're facing a big problem. Many homeless young people struggle to gain access to training and achieving qualifications because they can't afford the equipment they need to get started. So often young people can't afford the expensive course fees or simply the transport to get to their apprenticeship or training opportunity. We believe that every homeless young person should have the financial support they need when they start out. By giving a Bursary gift today, you can help a homeless young person start their next chapter.

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Why is the Bursary so important?


Emma, Centrepoint's Bursary Officer

I believe that no matter where a young person starts out in life, it shouldn't affect the opportunities open to them.