Bursary Appeal 2018

So many homeless young people find that although they achieve outstanding results, the hidden costs of university and training are impossible to pay.

We believe that no matter where a young person starts out in life, it shouldn't affect the opportunities open to them.

Help Kick Start A Young Person's Future

Helping young people kick start their futures

A Centrepoint Bursary can be the catalyst for a young person to begin building a positive future for themselves. Young people like Jourdan. Thanks to our Bursary, Jourdan received the equipment she needed to complete her film and TV course.

£25 Could help a student get essential equipment for their course

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£60 Could help cover a month's travel costs to get to campus

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"I wouldn't be able to do what I do without the bursary"

Miriam had a normal life until her family started pressuring her to get married and her brother began beating her. Finally she broke down one day at school and moved into care.

After being referred to Centrepoint, Miriam formed a great relationship with her keyworker and was encouraged to apply to university. She was accepted onto a fashion degree, but soon realised she wasn't able to apply for student finance. With our support, Miriam received a laptop and specialist materials like markers, cutters and paint – all essential for her course.

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Emma, Centrepoint's Bursary Officer

I believe that no matter where a young person starts out in life, it shouldn't affect the opportunities open to them.




Help a young person graduate and move forwards with a Centrepoint bursary

This August, a worrying number of young people will open their exam results and find themselves in frustrating situations. Trapped in a cycle of homelessness because they can’t cover the hidden cost of university and training. Please donate to our Bursary Appeal to make sure we don’t let them down.

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Dreaming of becoming a film director

Jourdan was delighted when she got her place on a competitive diploma course in film and television. But she soon realised that she couldn't afford to travel across London to get to college. Thanks to the donations we received last year, we were able to provide Jourdan with a travel card so she could attend her diploma course. A couple of months later, her college told Jourdan she’d needed new equipment like a specialist laptop and a digital camera. She couldn't afford them, but they were essential to her success on the course. The Centrepoint Bursary helped Jourdan to cover these costs and focus on her studies. "If I hadn’t received the laptop, I couldn’t edit my films at home and perfect my skills," she says.

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