Our impact and success

Every day our aim is to give homeless young people a future. Our long term goal is to end youth homelessness.

We've been making an impact on youth homelessness in the UK for more than 45 years.

We've helped more than 125,000 young people since we were founded in 1969

Ever since Centrepoint began, we've focused on improving the lives of homeless young people. We've developed into the UK's leading youth homelessness charity and seen thousands of success stories in the last four decades. Thanks to our supporters, we continue to have a major impact for some of the country's most vulnerable young people.

88% of young people move on from Centrepoint positively

Considering the challenges homeless young people are facing when they arrive at Centrepoint, we're incredibly proud that nine out of ten move on positively. Through a mixture of their own determination and the right educational, health, job and life skills support - young people's futures look very different after they come to Centrepoint.

Moving On

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We support more than 9,200 young people aged 16-25 every year

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We now operate 60 services providing support to young people across the UK

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For every pound spent on Centrepoint services it is estimated that we save the public purse £2.40

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Centrepoint changed Tori's life

Tori suffered violence from her mother followed by a breakdown in her relationship with her godmother, after moving in with her. She came to Centrepoint and immediately hit it off with her key worker Veronica. Within a few months she moved from her hostel to one of Centrepoint's self-contained flats. After a year she moved on into her own home, Veronica went with her when she signed the contract. Seven years later, Tori still lives in the home Centrepoint helped her into.


Our health support makes young people 21 per cent more likely to get into their preferred education or training.


More than one in five young people leave Centrepoint with more qualifications than when they arrived.


Centrepoint provides more than 1,200 bed spaces for homeless young people who have nowhere else to turn.


90 per cent of Street Football Team England players say they see themselves in a more positive way after taking part.

The Youth Homelessness Databank

It's impossible to measure our impact and success without a clear idea of the scale of youth homelessness in the UK. Collecting information from local councils and other charities, our Youth Homelessness Databank is going beyond the government's figures to paint a more detailed national picture of young people with nowhere to go. Sadly, the scale of the problem is shocking - with over 150,000 young people asking for help with housing within a year.

The Youth Homelessness Databank