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Are you ready for STAY:UP 2021? Here's everything you need to know

STAY:UP is fast approaching, and we’re looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces through our screens for our second event that challenges people to tackle tiredness for youth homelessness.

But what activities can you do to help us raise money for homeless young people? And who’s going to be taking part this time round? Well, we’ve got a great night lined up for you on Friday 28 May – here’s everything you need to know about STAY:UP 2021…

This is our second STAY:UP

Many supporters of Centrepoint will likely know that our main fundraiser pre-Covid was Sleep Out, in which fundraisers – from individuals to corporations – would grab a sleeping bag and come join us at one of our SO spots across the country, sleeping ‘outside’ to raise awareness for youth homelessness.

Like so many other organisations and businesses, we’ve had to change the way we fundraised since Covid hit in March last year. It wasn’t easy, but our fabulous Fundraising teams really pulled it out of the bag with Stay:Up, working hard to come up with a fundraising concept that continued to raise awareness of youth homelessness whilst also keeping all our supporters safe in the face of a global pandemic.

Whilst Sleep Out didn’t replicate rough sleeping, it gave fundraisers and idea of the situation a lot of our young people find themselves in. But STAY:UP is different: it encourages people to focus on how hard it is to stay awake if you don’t have somewhere safe to sleep – if you’re on the night bus, for example, or forced to walk the streets.

Our first STAY:UP took place in October 2020, with some fantastic guests, such as The Vamps, Jade Johnson and Lisa Maxwell, as well as some very enthusiastic supporters. Despite the event still being in its infancy, we’re predicting this year is going to be even bigger and better than before – especially thanks to these beautiful long May evenings!

“This is our fun summer fundraiser – we’re really building on the momentum of last year,” says Sarah, Centrepoint’s Events Fundraising Manager. “We had lots of great challenges and participants, but now that it’s going to be lighter and people can get together as a real team.”

You can take part from just about anywhere

The great thing about STAY:UP is, you can raise money for homeless young people without actually having to move from your sofa. If you want to have yourself an eight-hour Harry Potter movie marathon, play a monster game of Monopoly or simply sing the entirety of Queen’s back catalogue with an audience of throw cushions, you can.

Equally, if you’re more of a cycler, a runner or a skipper, feel free to move around. You could be in the Scottish Highlands, or the Welsh Valley, or even in a submarine in the Thames, and you’ll still be able to take part! It’s completely up to you where you are and what you do – all you have to do is banish your bedtime and fight fatigue from 8pm until 8am!

You can STAY:UP with anyone

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased, you are able to complete your STAY:UP challenge with a friend or 30. The latest guidance currently state that for outside activities, you can meet with up to 30 people – so grab some workmates or all of your friends (get all those WhatsApp groups working overtime) and make the most of the great outdoors. Or, if you’re a more indoorsy type, pick a mate to come round yours to help you stay awake.

But you don’t necessarily have to be together to take part as a group – if you’re not ready for an in-person meet-up just yet, you can set up a video call with your team to stay motivated.

You can do whatever you like to stay awake

With STAY:UP, the world is your oyster. We’ve had plenty of weird and wonderful activities that have prevented our supporters from falling into a deep slumber, from 12-hour quizzes to a ‘Great British Bike-off’: “Two people cycled 200km on static bikes,” Sarah explains.

We also had one creative supporter whittle spoons throughout the night – there really is no such thing as a bad activity. But of course, if you’re doing something a little out of the ordinary let us know, or tag us on the night so we can see how it’s going!

We’ve got some big names tackling tiredness on the night

TV Star, Jungle Queen and Masterchef finalist Vicky Pattinson is our glamorous host this year, so let her dulcet Geordie tones help to kick off the night.

“So in just under 2 weeks on Friday the 28th of May, @ercan_ram and myself will be staying awake from 8pm til 8am in order to raise money and awareness for youth homelessness. (I am very nervous- I am a complete nanna and like to be asleep by 11pm most nights),” Vicky said on her Instagram. “We will stay awake all night in an attempt to get a tiny idea of what it must be like for these young people who stay awake most evenings, too scared to fall asleep in their unsafe surroundings.”

And that’s not all – we’ll have a cooking segment from London Chef Tait Miller; DJ sets from Dan Healy, James Park and Jayli; and a workout from Mr Motivator. Now, who among us can say that’s not a dream they’ve harboured since the 90s?

Your fundraising aim is £100

For Sleep Out we normally set a target of £400 for each of our fundraisers – this is because £400 is enough to cover the first instalment of a university bursary for a Centrepoint young person. But we know this year has been financially tricky for many, so for STAY:UP the target is just £100 – and, as our Corportate Development Manager, Abby, says, “you’ll easily smash that!”

We have plenty of resources to help you hit your target, but if you’re concerned you might not, don’t worry - just get in touch with us. We’ll be on hand to help you out with tips and ideas that’ll help you reach your target in no time.

You can share your experience on social media

We want to see what you get up to – are you a runner? Spoon whittler? A movie marathoner or a dab hand at midnight baking sessions? Show us how you’re fighting the fatigue and we’ll get your pictures and videos up on our social media. Or, if you’re camera shy and just want to share an encouraging message, we’d love that too!

You can tag us in your posts and stories on Instagram, or you can give us a shout out on Twitter or Facebook (and don't forget to use the hashtag #UpForTheNight).We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

If you’re keen to get involved in STAY:UP, it’s not too late! Sign up here and join us on 28 May for an unforgettable night. Tackle your tiredness, fight the fatigue, banish bedtime and whatever you do, don’t fall asleep!