Young lives, just like Kiera's, are at risk this winter.
This is no life for a young person

Tonight and every night, thousands of homeless young people will go to sleep feeling scared and alone, and as the nights draw in, the threat of danger on our streets is increasing. 

Almost 136,000 young people have faced homelessness this year.

You could help be the turning point today, by becoming a Room Sponsor and helping a young person find safety at Centrepoint. Your monthly gifts will give a homeless young person a safe warm room to live in and real support, so they can start to turn their lives around.

Will you make this winter the turning point, by sponsoring a room at Centrepoint? Your kindness could give a young person a stable home – often for the first time in their life. Instead of worrying about what to eat or where to sleep, they can start to put their lives back together, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for as long as they need us.

Looking to the new year, a room at Centrepoint gives a young person the breathing space they need to pursue education and career goals, so they can build an independent life free from homelessness. New lives begin with room sponsorship, will you start your monthly gift today?

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Kiera smiling in her room at Centrepoint

Kiera's Story

When family breakdown at home left Kiera* homeless at just 17, she found herself sleeping rough on the London streets. She was exhausted and vulnerable.

“When I was on the streets, I didn’t sleep, I was too scared – I just used to walk about from place to place’. - Kiera

She was referred to Centrepoint, where she was given a room of her own and real support from her key worker. Slowly, she was able to rebuild her confidence and get her education back on track.

“My whole life changed…I had somewhere safe I could call my own, and real support” - Kiera

For so many young people like Kiera, coming to Centrepoint is the turning point they need to leave homelessness behind. Unfortunately, as the nights draw in, thousands more young lives are at risk. They urgently need your help, so please sponsor a room today.

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If you believe no young person should be homeless this winter,
please start your sponsorship today

Sponsorship can cost as little as 40p a day, but it could mean so much to a homeless young person, giving them:

  • A warm, safe room, where they have the stability and security they need to overcome past trauma and begin a new life.
  • Counselling, health support and practical advice.
  • The skills they need to find a job or support them into education.
  • Help moving on independently, rebuilding their lives and relationships.

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Every young person deserves a place where they can feel safe. Take a tour of the room where a young person can begin to build a better life.

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