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Wendy's story

Wendy experienced homelessness after splitting up with her partner. She was drinking too much and was forced to sleep rough for two months. 

After being referred to The Street Football Association, Wendy represented England at the Homeless World Cup 2016.

'Football saved my life'

Things became very difficult for Wendy after she lost her home through splitting up with her partner. An unhealthy relationship with alcohol also contributed to her spending time sleeping rough.

While living in a hostel that specialised in helping people with experiences like Wendy's, she was referred to The Street Football Association.

She took part in the training programme at Albion in the Community, the charitable arm of Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. 

'I go every Thursday and Friday – it helps massively. My self-confidence was on the floor but it has helped me think differently. I’ve always loved football. I was in a girls’ team when I was younger.'

Through the programme, Wendy was selected to play for Street Football Team England, England's national team for homeless and socially excluded adults. She played at the Homeless World Cup 2016.

'Football has always been there for me and I think it’s saved my life.'

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