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Tien's story: A Terrifying Journey

When Tien arrived in London, she was scared, sick, tired and all alone.

But thanks to her support worker Antonia, Tien is now thriving in her new home at Centrepoint.

Tien's story: A Terrifying Journey

Tien came to Centrepoint after fleeing Vietnam. It became too dangerous for her to stay there.

Fearing for Tien’s safety, her mother told her to leave the country. After an exhausting two-month journey, which included long stretches in the back of a lorry, Tien finally arrived in London.

Tien knew she needed to find a safe place where she could rebuild her life.

When Tien arrived at Centrepoint she met Antonia, her Key Worker , who offered her support for her physical and mental health.

Tien was dehydrated and had severe stomach pains after her traumatic journey. But after a visit to the doctor, Antonia settled her into a cosy room of her own. 

Somewhere she could call home

It didn’t take long for Tien to thrive at Centrepoint. Antonia enrolled her in English classes and she soon began to learn the language easily. She was having violent nightmares about her time in Vietnam, so Antonia also arranged for her to have therapy.

As the days and weeks passed, you could see Tien’s confidence and self-esteem grow. She felt a huge weight off her shoulders when she was able to start talking about her experiences.

Antonia then found Tien work with a local Vietnamese business that developed her confidence and skills even further. She also helped Tien with computer skills, swimming lessons and helped her to join a gym.

Tien has made lots of new friends from around the world at Centrepoint. They love going together to the gym and New Horizon – a centre for homeless young people in Central London.

For Tien, her time at Centrepoint has also opened a door to the education she’s been missing for years. Her English is now so good that she’s planning to take her GCSEs at college. After that she hopes to study for a qualification in Health and Social Care.

Catherine, a Centrepoint young person, with her Lorna, her support worker.

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