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Maureen's story: Making a Difference

Maureen started working for Centrepoint in November 2003 as a Resettlement Officer. She now holds the post of Service Manager at one of our services in Camden. Here, she reflects on working for Centrepoint and the changes over the years.

Maureen's story: Making a Difference

“In terms of the young people, the client group has changed. There are far more complex needs requiring a high level of support within our services. We are seeing more mental ill-health and in general the cases are more complex and difficult to manage.”

“When I started, anyone could do the job without as many skills and qualifications, but now with the new young people we work with, more training is needed on a regular basis as well as highly skilled workers. With the new introduced informed trauma training at Centrepoint, we are trying to get a better understanding of what is going on with that young person with extremely complex needs and how to work with that client group. Nowadays there is far more awareness of mental health, but when I started there was less. Services for young people are more holistic now.”

Making a difference at Centrepoint

“We get better training these days because without the tools to do your job, you’re useless. It can be dangerous if you are ill-equipped with skills. We are dealing with young people’s lives here and we always need refresher training to stay abreast of the changing needs of young people.”

“I’ve made a difference to so many people. I was touched when one young person wrote to me and told me how well she was doing and that she was now working for Centrepoint."

“I see myself as a mother hen. I’ve been through the journeys with them. Of course we don’t always get it right but as a team we are able to work together to achieve each challenging goal. You can’t get every young person to engage, but it’s very satisfying knowing that you have helped someone who didn’t realise they could be helped and also made a difference in their lives that will stay with them forever. My joy is seeing them happy, and putting a smile on someone’s face, especially if they have a job or in training.”


A girl outside the Centrepoint Soho centre for homeless young people in the 1970s. 2019 marks Centrepoint's 50th anniversary.

Change the story

In the last 50 years, thanks to our supporters we’ve been there for thousands of homeless young people when they had nowhere else to turn.

But many more still have nowhere safe to sleep tonight. Let's change the story and end youth homelessness for good. 

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