Hannah's story

Hannah’s problems began when her family home burnt down.

After living through family arguments in temporary accommodation, she left to go to her sister’s - but it wasn't long before it became too crowded and she could no longer stay there.

family breakdown

Hannah’s problems began when her family home burnt down.

‘We got temporary accommodation, but my parents kept fighting in the house so I left to go to my sister’s. But her house became overcrowded because she had two kids so I couldn’t be there anymore.’

Hannah didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of living with her parents again. Eventually, she came to Centrepoint.

‘At first I was happy then I got depressed by my own company. I’m used to hearing my family run around in the house and now I’m just in a room by myself. For a long time I left it as a shoebox room, there was nothing in it that represented me.’

Hannah took time to decorate her room and settle in; she’d always felt a little different from her peers.

‘I don’t speak much slang. I was brought up in an area people like to call rough - so I don’t know why I speak the way I do.’

She hasn’t followed the crowd on her career path either.

‘When I was little my mum used to let me watch horror films, I used to watch them and be inspired to learn how to make all the fake teeth and blood and all that stuff.

‘When I was seven I started sculpting faces, I used to sculpt them out of cement. My dad would mix it up for me.

‘I went to college and did hair and media makeup and theatrical special effects. I’ve always intended to go to university.’

During her time at Centrepoint, Hannah has been supported by its learning team.

‘I’m involved in a lot stuff at the hostel. I’m glad I got in with them because otherwise I might not be doing anything at all.’

‘They helped me gain confidence in myself. They make the effort to ensure that you succeed in what you’re doing.’

Hannah is continuing to follow her passion and going to university in September 2016.

‘The course is called Specialist Hair and Makeup; that involves prosthetics, beard making and stuff - just think The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.'

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