Georges' Story: A Future Leader

After suffering physical abuse from his mum, Georges became homeless.

Centrepoint supported Georges into independence and he is now working with children a fitness instructor and training to become a leadership coach.

Georges' Story: A Future Leader

"I first moved into Centrepoint last April. The staff members are nice, the place is really clean and my room is massive!"

“Before I came to Centrepoint, I was living with my mum. She kicked me out and I had nowhere to go. She beat me up, and I had bruises all over my hands."

“It was November when I left – it was freezing and I was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I only had my Oyster card and phone."

"I stayed at my girlfriend’s for a while. The first few days were a nightmare. My mum went away a lot so I was used to living on my own, not sharing a bathroom and kitchen with a whole family. I was trying to keep the place clean and not be in the way."

“I was stressed about my situation and everything going on with my mum. I was really depressed. I felt like I didn’t belong in this world and I thought about doing a lot of things… but I told myself I would never do that. I just wanted change."

Coming to Centrepoint

"When I went to social services, they sent me to Centrepoint and I moved straight in."

“I couldn’t sleep on my first night because I was scared, anxious, stressed. But the opportunities I got from Centrepoint helped me to settle in."

“I started seeing a counsellor which helped me a lot. The first session was really difficult, but over time my counsellor made me feel comfortable.  She was really open with me and made me want to speak to her.

"Centrepoint also gave me the opportunity to do a coaching course. I had to learn how to coach young people and adults – how to make them feel confident and comfortable about themselves."

"Centrepoint changed my life by giving me opportunities. No one wants to be homeless. It’s really unfair to judge someone just because they don’t have a choice."

Georges is currently working as a fitness instructor and doing a leadership coaching programme through Centrepoint.

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