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"Since being supported by Centrepoint, my life has changed completely.”

Following a traumatic experience at home, Clare felt she had to leave. She approached the Centrepoint advice centre in Manchester and they were able to find her accommodation.

She is now living in one of Centrepoint’s’ Move Through’ properties and finally feeling settled. She has just started a job as a support worker for the council.

Clare's Story

From the age of 16, *Clare’s home life became increasingly unhappy and Clare desperately needed to leave.

‘I was moving all the time; sofa surfing, going to my mum's, going to hostels. I always felt I outstayed my welcome wherever I went.’

Soon, she found herself on the streets in winter with no place to go.

‘When I became homeless, I felt alone and helpless. I slept in the doorway of blocks of flats. I was scared and felt ashamed that I’d let myself get to that position.’

Since those dark days, and nights, Clare’s life has changed dramatically. Her Centrepoint Key Worker has been there for her every step of the way. Now she has a place of her own and lives independently.

‘Centrepoint make me feel good and they make me feel supported. I don’t even want to imagine where I’d be without them. They've literally been a lifeline.’

Clare’s now about to start a new job as a support worker for Manchester City Council where she hopes to help other vulnerable young people.

*names have been changed

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