Chloe's story

Chloe left home in Bradford at 15 to search for her biological father in London. Things didn’t work out.

Relationship breakdown, arguments and self-harm led her to homelessness – and eventually to a home with Centrepoint.

self harming to escape

Chloe left home in Bradford at 15 to search for her biological father in London. Things didn’t work out.

‘I was scared at the time. I ended up coming back home, being with my mum.

‘I was self-harming, and because I had younger siblings my mum didn’t want them to start picking up on my behaviour.’

Chloe was still 15 when she got kicked out.

‘I got referred to Centrepoint Bradford Foyer, It was different there.

‘You have to be 16 but from 16 to 25 no matter what colour, age, size – whatever you are they just accept you for it and they do genuinely care. I had a bond with my support worker Jenny, she was like a safety net. I started volunteering with Centrepoint, I went to London and met Prince William.’

Ready to leave Centrepoint, Chloe left Bradford and moved to London again.

‘Everything was going absolutely amazingly; I planned to volunteer for Centrepoint in London.’

Unfortunately, Chloe’s second move to the capital was even worse than the first, when her new relationship became abusive.

‘I had nowhere to go - I rang up Centrepoint in Bradford and they even paid for me to come back because I was stuck in London.’

Chloe’s move back to Bradford saw her living in a Centrepoint hostel for young people closer to moving on, with fewer staff and more independence.

‘If you’re positive and you’re ready to move on in life then Centrepoint will help you, they’ll help you succeed all the way.

‘They try to meet you half way. If anything they meet you three quarters of the way.

‘I love Centrepoint, I’m actually gutted that I have to leave it.’

Now volunteering in a care home for older people, Chloe recognises the transformation in her life that she’s worked hard to achieve.

‘I haven’t felt so positive in such a long time, since Christmas day I haven’t cried, I’ve been positive and haven’t self-harmed.’

‘Back then I thought my family didn’t want me to be happy so no-one in the world would. I didn’t think there was anyone out there who cared.’

Chloe’s experiences with Centrepoint have influenced the career path that she’s decided to follow.

‘I’d like to become a homelessness officer or support worker.

‘I’ve been going to college and that’s just all I’ve been looking forward to. Going to college, finishing college and moving on with my life – and that’s because Centrepoint has helped me.’

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