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This is no place for a young person to spend winter

This winter, far too many vulnerable young people will be forced to sleep in places not fit for them – nor anyone. We know from our own research that homeless young people face violence and abuse, right here on our streets. Can you take urgent action, and help provide a young person with a warm bed? Can you provide safety this year? Please donate now.


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£25 could pay for a hot meal and a bed

Your gift could give a young person arriving at Centrepoint a hot meal and a safe, warm bed, so they can begin to move on from homelessness.

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£50 could pay for the first essentials

Your gift today could pay for those first essentials that every young person needs when arriving - toiletries, bedding and towels. 

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£144 could pay for a room

Your gift could help provide a young person with a room at Centrepoint for a whole year. A place where they can get the vital support they need to recover.

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Ryan, Centrepoint resident

At just 16, Ryan was forced to sleep rough on the streets. For three months, his every moment was consumed with just trying to survive. He was terrified and desperate;

"I’d be walking and walking and have to be continuously alert. It was scary. I saw quite a few traumatic things. When I look back, I know I was in survival mode: fight or flight."

As temperatures dropped and the cold streets became deadly, Ryan started to sleep on night buses just to stay warm.

Coming to Centrepoint was a turning point in Ryan’s life. He was given safety – a warm bed, a key to his own room, and a place to finally recover. Coming to Centrepoint was the turning point Ryan desperately needed. But thousands of other young lives are still at risk this winter. They need your urgent help today. Take action with a donation today.

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What we do

Centrepoint is the UK's leading youth homelessness charity. Together with our partners, we support more than 14,000 homeless young people each year. We provide accommodation, mental health support and life skills to get vulnerable young people back into education, training and employment. We want to end youth homelessness in the UK.

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Visit our databank

Centrepoint estimates that this winter over 29,000 young people will be homeless or at risk of homelessness. We think the scale of youth homelessness is nothing short of a national outrage. For more information on how the data is collected or to find out the data in your area visit our data.


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