Our Supporters: meeting Shirley

Conversations that come full circle.

After moving to London at age 22, Shirley had aspirations to become a Trichologist. She started living with a friend’s brother,  but soon found herself with nowhere to stay.

Eventually Shirley discovered Centrepoint.

"Centrepoint was a turning point in my life. After finding them, I found my feet and kept on succeeding. I consider myself very lucky," she says.

Shirley is now a homeowner and runs her own Trichology business.

Shirley started supporting us as a regular giver after meeting one of our fundraisers who highlighted the true scale of youth homelessness today. Shirley wanted to give back to the people who supported her but also help others in the same desperate need of care. When asked if she thinks we are missing anything in our work, she said

"You and other homelessness charities are doing as much as you can. It’s a tough world for young people right now but it’s the lack of funding and resources that’s the issue," she replied when asked if we're missing anything in our work. 

She describes her story as coming 'full-circle' and we're delighted she’s back. Through the ongoing support of people like you and Shirley we’re able to continue helping as many young people as we can.