How conversations save lives

Since our launch, the Helpline has helped 2,574 young people aged 16-25 at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness get immediate help. Every month our team answer hundreds of calls from young people and third parties (for example, friends, carers or members of the public concerned about a rough sleeper). They offer vital information, advice and signposting to anyone who calls.

Often, young people call the Helpline because they have no one else in their lives who they can turn to for help. People like 16-year-old Jenny, who had been sleeping rough after falling out with her family. Jenny was three months pregnant and needed to consider her options, but didn’t know which adults in her life to go to.

Due to her age, we put her in touch with social services, but she was terrified to ask the council for support. She didn’t know her rights and she’d been worrying about it for weeks. Once we explained the process to her and advised that she was entitled to support, she felt much better.

When she was at the council offices, she continued to email us as she was worried about being sent back to her family. We called her back and offered her reassurance and support. We were able to guarantee a place for her to stay for the night, while the council investigated her case. Through the Helpline, we helped Jenny access the support she was entitled to, enabling her to feel safe and secure.

Our Helpline also extends to online support and we have helped more than 1,130 young people online since the beginning of last year.

Listening to our young people’s experiences and opinions is at the heart of what we do. We listen first and respond second.

  • The Helpline has helped 2,574 young people so far
  • 1,130 online contacts made last year
  • Young people from 120 different local authorities across the UK have reached out
  • We started out with four members of staff
  • Now we have five staff and 15 volunteers

Why are youth homelessness figures rising?

We’re in the middle of a big housing crisis, and youth homelessness figures keep rising. The Helpline is a very easy way for young people to get that initial help, wherever they are, whatever their circumstances.

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