How conversations heal

Often, young people reach out to their support workers when they have reached breaking point and are in need of urgent help.

Our new Mental Health First Aid course aims to enable our frontline staff to recognise signs in young people before they reach crisis point.

The training will teach all 250 members of frontline staff how to have better conversations with young people about their mental health. It will bust myths, identify the cultural issues that affect how a young person might feel about mental health and give them a toolkit to aid this process.

The goal is to help key workers recognise a young person struggling with their mental health earlier in order to get help for them sooner.

Each young person faces their own individual challenges and this training will enable our staff to offer the very best support to young people dealing with a wide range of mental health issues.

  • 48% of young people who come to Centrepoint have a mental health problem
  • 50% suffer with depression
  • 18% have attempted suicide
  • 21% have self-harmed