Christmas Appeal Update

Matt Carlisle, Service Manager at Centrepoint, thanks you for your generosity over the festive period

Thank you so much to everyone who responded to our Christmas Appeal. We were absolutely overwhelmed by your kindness.

I slept rough myself in London when I was 18, so I know exactly how our young homeless people feel at Christmas. Now I'm the manager of a Centrepoint hostel in central London.

During the appeal we thought carefully about the young people who were sleeping rough this Christmas and what they would appreciate most – what they need to regain their trust in people. The appeal asked supporters to send their moral, as well as financial support, with a personal handwritten message to a young homeless person on the back of a Christmas decoration we’d enclosed. Hundreds of you sent kind, uplifting words of encouragement – so thank you.

Conversations we had with homeless young people and our own research told us 70% of homeless young people felt no one cared. You showed that people do care very much.

The amazing amount of £505,181 raised over Christmas will help to give young people a safe place to live. Somewhere warm and dry off the streets, where their wellbeing is a priority, and they are supported to regain their confidence and strive for a better future.

I was at my hostel on Christmas Day and witnessed young people sitting round a table enjoying a Christmas dinner together. Without you, they would have been alone, cold, hungry and scared on the streets.

Thank you for your generosity, we couldn’t have done this without you!

What happens in Centrepoint services at Christmas?

Ever wondered 'what happens in Centrepoint services on Christmas day?' We hope this video gives you some insight into the Christmas Centrepoint provides our young people.