Universal Credit Report: Your thoughts

Our recently launched report on the impact of Universal Credit reveals how young people struggle to afford food when on Universal Credit by receiving lower rates of benefit even when they have no family to rely on. The constant struggle to make ends meet is severely impacting their physical and mental wellbeing. Over 600 incredible campaigners like you emailed their MPs to share our report’s findings. Now we want to hear your thoughts.

Do you or someone you know have experience of being on Universal Credit? Has your experience been similar to our peer researchers? Share your thoughts and your solidarity by taking this survey. We'll store your responses to use for our campaigns.

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The five week wait for a first Universal Credit payment creates major issues for young people, who do not have savings or support to fall back on. Has the waiting period for your first payment impacted you?

The social stigma around claiming benefits has been damaging to young people’s wellbeing and prevented them from accessing the support they’re entitled to. Have you faced stigma when claiming Universal Credit?

Young people have become more reliant on food banks. Have you faced food insecurity whilst claiming Universal Credit?

Only a quarter of young people thought that the support they received from the Jobcentre took into account their own goals and aspirations. What has your own experience of being supported into work been like?

Would you like to leave a message of solidarity for the 12 peer researchers that volunteered their lived experiences of being homeless whilst claiming Universal Credit?