Girl on a residential street.

Tackling youth homelessness

To turn their lives around, homeless young people need access to accommodation and employment.

They may also need the welfare system to be their safety net while they get support for other needs, like poor mental health.

Employment and welfare

Despite the recent economic recovery, youth unemployment in the UK is still almost three times higher than the rest of the population. Getting into work is especially tough for disadvantaged young people facing extra challenges in their lives.

Unlocking potential

Unemployment is particularly common among disadvantaged groups, including those who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness

Earn or learn

Like many young people, homeless young people face significant challenges that make the transition from school to employment particularly challenging.

Briefing: Managed migration

Along with other leading homelessness and housing charities, we call on the Government to delay the decision on managed migration regulations to allow for further scrutiny.

Youth Obligation Report

The Youth Obligation is failing to support the most disadvantaged claimants, including homeless young people, into work.

Moneywise evaluation: final report

Moneywise is the umbrella term for the range of activities delivered by Centrepoint aimed at improving the financial and mental wellbeing of homeless young people.

Briefing on the Youth Obligation

Young people aged 18 to 21, who claim Universal Credit,  are required to participate in an intensive regime of support from day one of their benefit claim.

Universal Credit guide: general accommodation

This guide is for young people living in general needs or move-on accommodation, such as private or social rented housing, to help make sense of Universal Credit.

Universal Credit guide: supported accommodation

Universal Credit rolls six existing benefits into one monthly payment. This guide is for young people living in supported accommodation, such as a hostel.

The Impact of the Youth Obligation

This report from Warwick Institute for Employment Research and Trust for London outlines the impact of the youth obligation on disadvantaged young people. 

Access to support

The needs of homeless young people are wide-ranging and complex. Specialist support services provide a crucial life line, enabling young people to build the skills and confidence they will need to live independently.

Positive professional relationships

Centrepoint wouldn't be successful without positive relationships between homeless young people and our staff. 

Toxic mix

A study carried out by Centrepoint explored the health concerns of homeless young people supported by our services. 

Response to social housing green paper

Our response to Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government consultation on 'A New Deal for Social Housing'.

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Our areas of research

Preventing youth homelessness

The best way to protect young people from the devastating impact of homelessness is to stop it from happening at all.

Experiences of youth homelessness

Youth homelessness is complex and a very different experience for all the young people we support.

The Databank

Centrepoint’s Youth Homelessness Databank collects local data from across the UK on the scale of youth homelessness.