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Preventing youth homelessness

Through our research we have collected evidence on the causes and the cost of youth homelessness alongside evidence on the services needed to prevent it. 

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We need to prevent youth homelessness happening at all if we are to end it for good. To do this, young people and their families need access to high quality help and support as early as possible. We share our evidence with politicians, practitioners and decision makers and call on them to improve services for young people at risk of homelessness.


59% of Centrepoint young people became homeless because of family relationship breakdown


A young person not in education or employment costs the state £12,200 more if they are homeless


72% of councils say they offer services for families at risk of relationship breakdown to prevent youth homelessness

Preventing youth homelessness: what works?

Effective interventions for young people at risk of homelessness are essential if it is to be reduced and prevented; however, there is a lack of research into which approaches are proven to work. Centrepoint’s review examines the evidence for a range of interventions, alongside an analysis of the costs of not preventing youth homelessness. You can download the full report here, or click below to read the summary.

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Families under pressure: preventing family breakdown and youth homelessness

Family relationship breakdown is the key cause of youth homelessness. Our research looks at the key reasons why relationships breakdown and the kinds of pressures faced by families. We also examine the support on offer for young people at risk of homelessness due to family relationship breakdown.

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Is prevention cheaper than cure?

We estimate the cost of youth homelessness to the state, highlighting the potential savings to be made if homelessness is prevented as early as possible.

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