Centrepoint building in Manchester, currently undergoing crucial renovations

Our Greater Manchester Future Foundations appeal

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If you'd like to support us in our endeavour to transform 52 Oldham Street, please donate below. Your donation will help to provide homeless young people with a safe place to move on from homelessness.

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A word of support from Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham

“Since becoming Mayor of Greater Manchester in 2017, I have made tackling rough sleeping and homelessness one of my top priorities. It has been incredible to see the work that goes on every day across Greater Manchester supporting people in really difficult circumstances to turn their lives around.

"Any organisation with that mission at its heart has my admiration and support. Centrepoint’s expertise and long history of working with young people is especially important because we know they often face real challenges to access safe and affordable housing. That’s why I am fully behind Greater Manchester Future Foundations, which will be a fantastic addition to the support we have available in the city-region. I look forward to seeing the new development change lives.”


Why we urgently need your help

For decades, long prior to Centrepoint’s arrival in Manchester, local authority grants just about kept 52 Oldham Street going, covering core operational costs.

But a lack of significant funding has meant that little has been available to maintain, let alone improve, the fabric and condition of the building.

We have been coping for a long time but the need to do something has become urgent. If we don’t take action now, the building may become beyond saving. 

Its dilapidated state is preventing us from providing a safe, welcoming and inspirational environment for the vulnerable young people who come through our doors each day.  


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Our Vision

With your help, at 52 Oldham Street, we will create an environment for vulnerable young people to recover, grow, and make steps to independent living.

We will carefully consider the impact of the physical environment on the young people who will be using the space to create an environment that is not just in good condition but promotes safety and helps create positive relationships.

In addition to the spaces for young people, we will deliver a working environment fit for our dedicated frontline support staff with consideration paid to their security and wellbeing in a high-pressured environment. Centrepoint currently employs 55 staff in Manchester, 40 of whom directly support young people through the provision of frontline services. This means spaces that are thoughtfully designed for the core life changing services that operate from our building.

52 Oldham Street: The Future

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Research suggests that homeless young people are eight times more likely to have experienced poor mental health than their peers. 52 Oldham Street supports over 200 young people every year through mental health crisis support and psychotherapy. The refurbishment will create a calm and relaxing space where young people can tackle their mental health needs with qualified psychotherapists. 

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Engagement & Learning

Supporting young people into employment is a crucial step in the path to independent living. We will provide a motivating and inspiring space where young people can develop their skills and confidence and improve their prospects with dedicated sessions from our learning and engagement teams.

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The Homelessness Prevention Service in Manchester is central to our work. It is the initial presentation point for young people in the city to seek advice and support. It's imperative that we provide a safe and confidential space where young people can learn about their rights, entitlements and make informed choices about the options available to them.



In order to support young people who are rough sleeping, we require a functional and practical space where young people can eat, wash, launder their clothes and pick up essential items such as personal hygiene products. Our offer is dedicated to getting young people off the street, but we must be prepared to support young people in any way when they present at our centre.

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Help us change the lives of homeless young people for good

We believe that by transforming our 52 Oldham Street building we can make a huge difference to the lives of young people in Greater Manchester. But to reach our fundraising target we need your help.

If you or your organisation are interested in supporting our Greater Manchester Future Foundations appeal, or would like more information, please email