A Street Football Team England player

Street Football Team England

Our programme uses street football to transform the lives of young people who’ve experienced homelessness and social exclusion.

Working with some of England’s best-loved clubs, we give players the chance to represent their country at tournaments across the globe, including the Homeless World Cup.

Playing for their country Changing their lives

Players in Street Football Team England's men's and women's teams aren’t called up for their footballing ability. Chosen from our training programmes across England, our team have all shown important life skills like positive attitude, teamwork, commitment, organisation, and improved health and wellbeing.

The Homeless World Cup

Meet Becca – a former Centrepoint Team England participant who played at the Homeless World Cup in 2012 and is now sharing her skills and inspiring others as a volunteer mentor.


What is street football?

Street football is a fast-paced, four-a-side version of the 11-a-side game. Matches last 14 minutes each and games are played on a small pitch with barriers along the edge. We use it because it's easy to learn for players with different amounts of football experience. It's also exciting to watch and play, with rules favouring the attacking team.

Street Football Association ambassador Fara Williams

Our ambassador Fara Williams

The England and Reading Ladies star experienced homelessness early in her professional career. As the most capped player in the history of English football, Fara is an inspiration to our players. She not only provides the perfect example of how high they can aim but also contributes to coaching and mentoring players at events like the Homeless World Cup.

Sign for our team

We partner with professional clubs to provide a series of weekly training sessions and engaging life skills workshops. The programme is open to all adults who have experienced homelessness or social exclusion in England. At least one player from each club’s programme is picked to play for Street Football Team England.

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Wendy's story

I slept rough for two months after splitting up with my partner. I enjoyed every minute of the training programme. My self-confidence was on the floor but this has made me think differently. It’s so much more than playing football – I think it’s saved my life.