Abuse. Assault. Worse.

Young lives are at risk this winter. Tonight, thousands of homeless young people will go to sleep feeling scared and alone, and as the nights draw in, the threat of danger on our streets is increasing. You could help be the turning point today, by becoming a Room Sponsor and helping a young person find safety at Centrepoint. Your monthly gifts will give a homeless young person a safe warm room to live in and real support, so they can start to turn their lives around.

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£12 could sponsor a room

A room sponsorship could provide a young person arriving at Centrepoint with a safe and warm place to stay, so they can begin to turn their life around.

Give £12 a month

£25 could teach life skills

Your monthly gift could provide a safe room, and help teach the essential life skills, like budgeting, that help a young person to live independently. 

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£100 could give counselling

Your gift could provide a young person with their own room, as well as with counselling they need to move on from the trauma of homelesness and turn their life around.

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Why your help is needed now

Things may have started to go back to normal for many of us, but the outlook for young people is still precarious. The full impact of the pandemic continues to unfold. And with support through schemes such as furlough starting to be peeled back, the young people we work with and many more are feeling the effects of the crisis. As the need for our services increases, we need people like you to Sponsor a Room at Centrepoint. You could be the turning point for a homeless young person this year.

Be the turning point

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Gemma's Story

Violence and alcoholism at home threw Gemma’s* world into chaos while she was studying for her A-levels, leaving her with no choice but to leave home. At just 17 she ended up sleeping rough, sometimes in parks or railway station waiting areas, terrified and alone.

“I remember being really scared whenever there were other people around because you just don’t know what they’re going to do."

Thankfully, Gemma was referred to Centrepoint where she was given a safe, warm room and space to recover from what she’d been through.

“I don’t know where I’d be without Centrepoint. At the lowest point of my life, they gave me safety and support. And they helped me think about my future for the first time in years.”

 For so many young people like Gemma, coming to Centrepoint is the turning point they need to leave the trauma of homelessness behind, for good. Unfortunately, as the nights draw in, thousands more young lives are at risk. They urgently need your help, so please Sponsor a Room today.

*We sometimes use models and change the names of the young people we work with to protect their identity; however all stories are based on true experiences as told by our young people.

Sponsor a room today

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As a Centrepoint Room Sponsor, you will help us...

  • Provide a warm, safe room for a homeless young person, giving them the stability and security they need to overcome past trauma and begin a new life
  • Support young people with counselling, health support and practical advice
  • Give young people the skills they need to find a job, or support them into education
  • Help young people move on independently, rebuilding their lives and relationships

Sponsor a room today

What we do

Centrepoint is the UK's leading youth homelessness charity. Together with our partners, we support more than 14,000 homeless young people each year. We provide accommodation, mental health support and life skills to get vulnerable young people back into education, training and employment. We want to end youth homelessness in the UK.

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Centrepoint estimates that last year over 120,000 young people approached their council as they were homeless or at risk of homelessness. For more information on how the data is collected or to find out the data in your area visit our databank.

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