Talking Point

Talking Point is a series of online events that aim to highlight how your donations and support truly transform the lives of young people who are facing homelessness. Every month we host a different Q&A session with members of staff from across all areas of Centrepoint’s work, so that you can keep up to date with what we’re doing to help homeless young people and learn why your support is vital to what we do.

Q&A with Seyi Obakin OBE: Centrepoint's 2021-2026 Strategy

17/06/2021 - Seyi Obakin OBE, Centrepoint Chief Executive, shares the details of Centrepoint's new 5-year strategy, 'Ending Youth Homelessness All Together', before answering questions from supporters. Centrepoint's new strategy lays out our vision for an end to youth homelessness by 2037. When Centrepoint was first founded in 1969 by priest Kenneth Leech, he did not imagine that over 50 years later youth homelessness would still be an issue, and that Centrepoint's services would be needed more than ever. Watch this session to find out more about our ambitious plans for a future where youth homelessness doesn't exist, and how we can only achieve this by working all together.

Supporting Young People’s Mental Health at Centrepoint

18/02/2021 - Sue Kellie, Head of Health and Wellbeing, shares how young people in our services are coping during what continues to be a difficult period of lockdown restrictions. At a time when the whole nation is on the precipice of a mental health crisis, increasing numbers of young people are facing unemployment and homelessness. As a result, the Mental Health Team at Centrepoint have seen a huge increase in demand for their services. This demand is expected to grow exponentially and we are doing all that we can to help young people in need.

Greater Manchester Future Foundations

21/01/2021 - This session explores Centrepoint's ambitious Greater Manchester Future Foundations project, which aims to physically transform our 52 Oldham Street service in order to deliver the absolute best for young people in the region. In 2017/18, at least 5,000 young people in Manchester approached their local authority because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness, and the economic fallout of the pandemic has only made this situation worse. The Greater Manchester Future Foundations project aims to completely transform the building, using psychologically informed practices, in order to provide the best possible care to vulnerable young people within an environment that feels safe and secure.

Centrepoint and Centrepoint Partners Awards 2020

09/12/2020 - This special session of Talking Point is sponsored by Selfridges and celebrates the achievements of this extraordinary group of young people, who have shown huge amounts of resilience and determination to overcome challenges and build a bright future for themselves. Seyi Obakin OBE, Centrepoint Chief Executive, is joined by some of the young people who have received an award this year, speaking to them about what this award means to them and how they feel about their journey so far. With words from Melisa Clottey, Head of Food Technical at Selfridges, and Alice Eve.

Homelessness at Christmas

19/11/2020 - This session explores what the situation looks like for vulnerable young people as we approach the festive season, during what continues to be an extremely tough year. Paul Noblet, Head of Media & Public Affairs, and Matthew Carlisle, Service Manager (Wandsworth), share their perspectives on the long-term impact of the COVID-19 crisis on homeless young people. It is clear that a worrying landscape is forming – rough sleeping among young people has risen 80% in London alone, while September saw the Helpline have its busiest month ever since its launch 4 years ago. Join Paul and Matthew as they share their concerns about the developing crisis, and why your support is appreciated now more than ever before.

Q&A Session with Seyi Obakin OBE, Centrepoint Chief Executive

29/09/2020 - This session was an opportunity for supporters to have all of their questions about Centrepoint's work and purpose answered directly by Seyi Obakin OBE. Seyi begins the session with an introduction focusing on what Centrepoint has achieved, the challenges brought on by COVID-19, and what we are setting our sights on in the future. He introduces some of the key objectives coming out of the new strategy and the ways in which Centrepoint will continue to fight until youth homelessness is eradicated. After this short introduction, the platform is given to the audience and their questions.

Moving Forward: Education and Employment

20/08/2020 - Sally Orlopp, Director of People, Skills and Employability, and Sara Lewis, Head of Operations (North) share how Centrepoint works with every young person in their services to develop core skills, move on into education or employment and help them to live independent, secure lives. They explore why it can be especially difficult for vulnerable young people to get into stable employment, and how Centrepoint is looking to help them cope with the significant impact felt by the current economic crisis.

COVID-19: Fighting Food Poverty

16/07/2020 - Isabel Rice, Senior Dietician, shares how food insecurity is experienced in the UK, and the work Centrepoint does to meet the nutritional needs of young people. A shocking 60-70% of the young people in services have reported food insecurity since lockdown measures were introduced, with Emergency Food Actions 3 times higher between March and May this year than usual. Isabel explores the reasons why young people are especially vulnerable to experiencing food poverty, and why your support is vital in helping us put a stop to it.

Covid-19 & Supporting Young People Made Homeless

18/06/2020 - This session focuses on the experiences of vulnerable young people who have been calling in rising numbers to the Centrepoint Helpline during the COVID-19 crisis. Paul Brocklehurst, Senior Manager of Centrepoint Helpline, says the need for Centrepoint's help never stopped, even as life across the country came to a halt. With an almost 60% increase in calls to the Helpline, and staff facing the new challenge of working remotely while trying to help as many young people as possible, it's been a challenging time. Paul brings to light stories heard on the frontline, which paint a troubling picture of a growing crisis taking hold for vulnerable young people amidst the pandemic.


21/05/2020 - This Talking Point session shares the challenges that Centrepoint frontline staff and young people have experienced in the face of COVID-19, and the effort that has been thrown into tackling those challenges. Jennifer Foster, National Head of Housing, speaks about key issues such as how access to usual resources have been impacted, why PPE is needed, and what it means for Centrepoint young people and staff. She shares how the lockdown has been affecting the wellbeing of young people and staff alike, and will shines a light on unheard stories from the frontline during this unprecedented time. This talk covers how Centrepoint has met these challenges, what still needs to be done – and why your support is more important than ever

Our Databank

22/04/2020 - Our first ever online Talking Point explores the reasons why young people face homelessness and what those experiences look like; what kind of support young people are entitled to receive when they reach out for help; as well as some of the wider barriers which are preventing us ending homelessness for good.  Abigail Gill, Senior Policy and Research Manager, examined this through the lens of Centrepoint's newly launched Youth Homelessness Databank, which revealed that 110,000 young people approached their local council for help because they faced homelessness in 2018/19. The Databank collects data from local and national authorities to show the true scale of youth homelessness across the UK.