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Help young people have life-saving conversations

Since 2017, over 8,000 people have been supported by the Centrepoint Helpline. But, with over 103,000 homeless young people approaching their local council for help last year, there are many more we need to reach. Help us expand The Centrepoint Helpline and have more conversations with vulnerable young people.

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With the support we receive, we'll be able to help the rising number of vulnerable young people in this country who are facing homelessness. Our plans for The Helpline are ambitious; we want to train more volunteers to take calls at the weekend, expand the Live Chat and phone line opening hours and promote The Helpline on social media. Thank you for your gift today.

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£15 could extend the Live Chat service for young people

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Lily's Story

At 21, Lily was the sole carer for her mum, but things weren’t going well. The pressure had become too much for them both. Through our Live Chat service, she explained that her mum wasn’t treating her well, and she wanted Lily to leave. At a desperately low point in Lily’s life, she got vital support from our Helpline. By the end of the chat, Lily told our Advisor that she’d stay at home for the night and try to talk to her mum about their situation. If it didn’t go well, she knew that going to her local council for help would be her next step. Our Advisor’s helpful guidance may well have prevented Lily from leaving home with nowhere to go and ending up in the cycle of homelessness.

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Training more helpline volunteers

Your gift can help to train more long-term volunteers so they can support young people at risk of homelessness. More volunteers mean we can extend the helpline and live-chat services throughout the week and begin to take calls over the weekend.

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Opening The Helpline for longer

Your gift can help us to extend the opening hours of The Helpline to 8pm during the week. This means we will be able to help vulnerable young people during the evening when many face the decision of where they can stay that night.

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Extending the Live Chat

Your gift can help to grow our Live Chat service. Young people facing homelessness often reach out to us after office working hours. So we need to make sure we're there to provide advice at times when they might be finishing school or a job. Live Chat is also very useful for young people who need to ask for help quickly and quietly if they're in someone else's' house or a public area.

Your donation and our finances

Join us today in making sure that no young person is left homeless because they don't know where they can get support. Your donation will go towards funding our general work with young people providing accommodation and support all year round. 

Helped Since 1969

As a supporter of Centrepoint, you’re part of a community that has supported over 116,000 young people since 1969.

Privacy Lock

Trust is important to us. We promise to respect any personal data you share with us. We aim to be clear when we collect your data and not do anything you wouldn’t reasonably expect. 

Public Purse

Every £1 donated saves the public purse £2.40. This means the services we provide reduce demand on health, social and judicial government services, among others.

We use models and change the names of the young people we work with to protect their identity, however, all stories are true and as told by the young person.