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No one should have to spend life in survival mode

In the last year, the number of homeless young people needing emergency food support has quadrupled. Can you help today?

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£10 could help buy supermarket vouchers for a young person

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£20 could give a young person budgeting advice and the guidance of a Dietitian

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Meet Joe

When Joe arrived at Centrepoint, he was carrying a lot on his shoulders. At just 17, he’d lost his dad, taken on all the bills, and left college due to stress. He was living in a state of constant panic about money and could barely see beyond his next meal, let alone turn his life around.

To lift the weight off Joe’s shoulders, we gave him some supermarket vouchers to buy his essentials for the week. This was a huge relief for Joe, but of course, it takes more than a quick fix to change a life. So Centrepoint put a long-term plan in place to support Joe. For the three years that followed, Joe was able to build a better life. From cooking to budgeting, he built the skills needed to live independently, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Thanks to the support of people like you, Joe has left Centrepoint now. He’s living independently and is working hard as a security guard to support himself.

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How can you plan for the future, when you can’t afford your next meal

More and more young people are coming to Centrepoint in urgent need of emergency food support. These young people are stuck in ‘survival mode’ - a mindset brought about by a prolonged state of heightened stress, which can often be caused by not having enough to eat.

And the consequences of this go far beyond hunger. Because when a young person is malnourished, it affects every area of their life – from playing havoc with their sleep and health, to harming their focus and personal relationships. It makes it impossible for a young person to move forward.

Eating well underpins everything in a young person’s life. Your vital gift today could help someone like Joe stop surviving and start thriving.

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Help young people put hunger behind them

It can take a long time to turn a life around. Joe was supported by Centrepoint for three years. In that time, he received all kinds of practical and emotional support, and a Hardship Fund to pay for day-to-day essentials and ease his financial worries. An unexpected bill no longer meant having to skip a meal.

As the cost of living crisis looks set to force thousands into food poverty, it’s so important we’re here to be a safety net for young people. Your gift today could give a young person like Joe safety, stability and freedom from worrying about where their next meal will come from.

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