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Welcome to your Spring Newsletter!

Thanks to your support, so much has been achieved for so many young people over the last six months.

We are thrilled to be able share these inspiring updates with you today from across the organisation. Scroll down to read about our incredible young winners at our annual Centrepoint & Partners Awards, exclusive findings from our yearly Databank report, and hear more about some very exciting events that you can get involved in 2022!

If you have eight minutes to spare, we would also really appreciate it if you could complete our annual supporter survey by clicking on the link below... 

The Spring edition of Your Impact

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Spring 2022 Newsletter

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Centrepoint & Partner Awards 2021

Every year, the achievements of the young people at Centrepoint services across the country astounds us.

2021 was no different, with the incredible stories of our six award winners celebrated at our annual Centrepoint & Partners Awards ceremony, attended by Centrepoint supporters and several of our celebrity ambassadors. 

The safety, guidance and resources provided to them by Centrepoint allows these young people to go on to achieve their dreams. Their accomplishments are testament to the generosity and trust that you show towards us as an charity.

To hear about our winners' stories and the ceremony, please click the link below.

Centrepoint & Partner Awards 2021

Centrepoint 2022 Supporter Survey

If you have some time spare, we would love it if you could complete our 2022 Supporter Survey. We take your opinion very seriously and thanks to your responses we aim to provide you the best experience possible.

Centrepoint 2022 Supporter Survey

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To end youth homelessness, we need to know how many people experience homelessness and what happens to them when they seek help.

Our recently published annual Youth Homelessness Databank brings together all the information available from across the country to build the clearest picture possible.

In 2020-21, we learnt just under 122,000 16-24 year olds were homeless or at risk of homelessness in the UK.

Click below for an exclusive summary of the state of homelessness in your area and across the country in 2020-21. ​

The Youth Homelessness Databank

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Check out our events in 2022!

We support more than 10,000 homeless young people each year. But we need your help so we can reach even more.

From the London to Brighton Bike Ride to the Yorkshire Three Peaks, Centrepoint has plenty of charity events available for all abilities. 

Check out our events calendar below for the year ahead, and we hope to see you at one of our events in 2022!

Centrepoint Events 2022