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Family breakdown led to a cycle of homelessness: Abi's Story

Abi spent freezing winter nights sleeping rough.


When Abi’s mum died, life got tough. She didn’t get on with her dad and the arguments became violent. Abi felt her only choice was to leave home. With just the clothes on her back and no idea where to go, she ended up sleeping on the streets in the freezing cold.

Things changed when Abi found Centrepoint. Thanks to the support she received, she is now ready to start her future. She was given a room at Centrepoint, a place to recover and develop her skills and rebuild her life. 


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Help young people like Abi

Young people like Abi often have no choice but to sleep rough when their family home is no longer safe. By sponsoring a room for just £12 a month, you could provide a homeless young person a safe place to live at Centrepoint, access to health support and help into.

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