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Finding happiness

These young people were in the housing crisis facing an uncertain future. Now, as well as Brookemorgan, they are part of the influential Centrepoint Parliament – speaking up for their peers and campaigning for positive and lasting change.

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Working hard, changing lives

The Centrepoint Parliament is an elected body in the UK that gives young homeless people a voice and the chance to help shape their future. This means representing the voices of their peers and lobbying the government on issues that affect homeless young people - like education, employment opportunities and the benefits system.
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What the parliament are fighting for

Mental health is one of the many issues that can be the cause of a young person becoming homeless. Or they may be the result of sleeping rough, sofa-surfing or having no place to call home. Centrepoint Parliament are determined to raise awareness of mental health issues amongst the homeless and remove stigma through their mental health campaign.

See some of their campaign posts here

Thanks to the efforts of the Centrepoint Parliament – and the generous support of people like you – they will hopefully bring about a real change in attitude and help more vulnerable young people get the support they deserve.


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