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By sponsoring a room at Centrepoint you can help a homeless young person leave homelessness behind for good. For £12 a month can you help save lives and change lives?

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Why is your help needed?

The UK has a growing youth homelessness issue that. The problem isn't going away; in fact it is getting worse. Our recent work shows 103,000 young people across England and Wales approached their local authorities for help because they are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


From just 40p a day you can change a life like Jack's

At just 13, Jack’s family life became unbearable. As a result of the turbulent relationship between him and his parents he was asked to leave. Jack had no option but to seek solace in a local park where he was forced to spend the night on a park bench. He couldn’t sleep, it was so cold. Jack spent the night frightened and shivering. He was alone. Eventually, Jack was allowed to return home where he lived for the next three years. Sadly, aged 16, Jack found himself homeless again. Jack spent two years with no place to call home. With his mental health declining Jack lost control of his life. When Jack came to Centrepoint he was offered emotional support and a safe place to stay. Centrepoint also helped Jack gain necessary skills for employment. Today Jack is continuing to rebuild his life and reconnect with his family. He has a full-time job and a home of his own. He has a future to look forward to. Help others like Jack by donating 40p a day and Sponsoring a Room at Centrepoint.

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What you’ll receive as a Room Sponsor and the impact you’ll have

When you sponsor a room at Centrepoint, you’ll receive a welcome pack including a Centrepoint keyring and regular updates about the young person staying in your room.
For just 40p a day your room at Centrepoint will:
• Provide a warm, safe space where a young person can stay with Centrepoint for up to two years, or until they are ready to move on and lead independent lives
• Support them with counselling and practical advice so that they can rebuild their confidence and start to look forward to their future again
• Give young people the skills they need to find and stay in a job
• Teach young people basic skills like cooking and managing their money, which they’ll need to become independent

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Help save lives and change lives today

Homeless young people often resort to desperate measures to survive. There is a vital need to get them off the streets and into a warm, safe room that can become their home. Your room will be more than a roof over a young person’s head - it is a safe haven where they can gain access to education, counselling, apprenticeships and functional skills until they are ready to move on.

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Room Sponsor Extra info

Where does your donation go? What's a room like? How many people sponsor a room? All this and more can be found in our Sponsor a Room FAQs.

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