Nadia and worker

Filthy flat and the risk of abuse

Nadia faced dangers, even though she had a roof over her head

Risked abuse to get a bed for the night

Aged 15, Nadia’s relationship with her family deteriorated, resulting in her becoming homeless. This left her with no choice but to live with her drug addict boyfriend. The one-bed flat was cramped and filthy. She spent six weeks at her boyfriend’s flat; she stopped attending school and lost contact with all of her friends.   

When Nadia and her boyfriend split up she felt alone and vulnerable. When her ex-boyfriend’s father would get drunk he would try to take advantage of Nadia with his male friend. Each night, Nadia would cower in a corner, terrified of falling asleep.

Fortunately, Nadia found a room at Centrepoint and escaped the threat of violence and abuse. Centrepoint gave Nadia a safe place to live and helped her to rebuild her life.

Nadia was provided with support to help her gain essential skills so that she could move on to education and employment. Currently, Nadia is training to be a hairdresser. Nadia has moved into a home of her own and is restoring bonds with her family. She finally has a future to look forward to.

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Help young people like Nadia

Young people like Nadia take risks every day to get a place to sleep for the night. Sometimes they feel it's their only choice. By sponsoring a room for just £12 a month, you could provide a homeless young person a safe place to live at Centrepoint, access to health support and help into a job.

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