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Can you help a young person leave homelessness behind for good by sponsoring a room at Centrepoint for £12 a month?

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Why your help is still needed

Winter has ended. But homelessness hasn't for many young people. They need your support right now. Vulnerable young people face risky situations. Like deciding whether it's better to sleep on the streets or stay with strangers. All to avoid the cold nights.

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The Centrepoint Helpline supported 6,527 young people during 2020/21.

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54 per cent of homeless young people left their last place because family or friends could no longer accommodate them

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We save the public purse £20,000 for every young person we work with.

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We thank you for...

  • Providing a safe place for homeless young people to live.
  • Helping young people gain access to specialist health support, a national engagement programme and essential education and skills training programmes.
  • Supporting the Centrepoint Helpline, which has helped thousands of homeless young people get the support they need.

Can you help us to..?

  • Provide professional mental health and counselling services.
  • Reduce waiting time for therapists to meet young people where they stay.
  • Provide essential education and skills training for all Centrepoint residents.
  • Provide tutoring in life skills and money management.
  • Prevent young people from falling into unnecessary debt or losing their accommodation once they've moved on. 
  • Support more young people to leave homelessness behind for good.
  • Help more young people to leave homelessness behind for good.
  • Continue supporting more than 10,000 young people each year
  • Offer support to some of the 103,000 young people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness in 2018.

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Help save lives and change lives today

Homeless young people often resort to desperate measures to survive – and your room will be much more than a roof over a young person’s head. It's a safe place where they can gain access to education, counselling and apprenticeships until they're ready to move on.

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Where does your donation go? What's a room like? How many people sponsor a room? All this and more can be found in our Sponsor a Room FAQs.

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