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Help us ensure young mothers can access the building blocks of a stable life

Mel wants a stable life for her and her son

At 17, Mel's life became turbulent when she left home due to a family breakdown. She was moving from sofa to sofa and temporary hostels. She found herself pregnant and this proved a turning point and made her determined to provide the secure future for her child that she had not had.
Mel can’t build a stable life for her and her son alone. She needs education and training, she needs support. She needs your gift, today.

Please help with a gift today

Mel and Toby

Please, watch the video below to hear Mel’s inspiring story. Today, you can give her one last building block.

£15 could help towards a hardship fund

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£25 could help provide a safe place to live

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£40 could help towards childcare costs

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Please, help us to reach our £150,000 target

Imagine the fear young homeless mothers hold for their children in today’s unforgiving economic climate. Your help could help them build a stable future.

Please help with a gift today

Your donation and our finances

Your donation is a building block to a stable future. Young mothers like Mel need this network of support to build a life for their children. 

In the event that generous donations exceed the £150,000 target, extra funds will be used to offer vital support to more young people, wherever the need is greatest.

Helped Since 1969

As a supporter of Centrepoint, you’re part of a community that has supported over 116,000 young people since 1969.


We set aside funds to help more young mothers get the qualifications they need to build future opportunities.

Public Purse

Every £1 donated saves the public purse £2.40. This means the services we provide reduce demand on health, social and judicial government services, among others.

We use models and change the names of the young people we work with to protect their identity, however, all stories are true and as told by the young person.