Josh's story

Josh had a difficult childhood and was put in to care in his early teens.  

His passion for sport and dedication to his studies meant he was the winner of the Education Award at the Centrepoint Awards 2018.

Dreaming of working with top athletes

Growing up was tough for Josh. Aged 12 he was placed with a foster family because his mum was experiencing mental health problems.

Six months later social services allowed Josh to go home to his mum. Unfortunately, this wasn’t successful and Josh returned to his foster family.

Throughout this time Josh struggled at school. He had to adapt to new surroundings with his foster family and lost his father a year before taking his GCSEs.

If this wasn’t enough, his granddad also passed away unexpectedly during his first year of college.

Despite all this, Josh was determined to do his best. He passed all his GCSEs and earned a triple distinction in his Level 3 BTECs – a truly amazing achievement.

Finally feeling safe

Just before Josh’s 18th birthday, he left his foster family and moved into supported housing. Josh had a difficult experience there and couldn’t settle. It was at this time he came to Centrepoint.

"To be honest with you, I don’t know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t had Centrepoint," says Josh.

“Pretty much as soon as I walked in the door I was like, yeah, I’m living here. Knowing I had support if I needed it, but being able to do my own thing was one of the main reasons I liked Centrepoint. It allowed me to settle down, get to college and get on and do what I want to do.”

Finally feeling safe, Josh devoted himself to his studies. His passion has always been sport and Josh recently left Centrepoint to study Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences at university.

Josh now dreams of using his degree to work with top athletes. With the determination he’s already shown, that dream looks set to become a reality.

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