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You make a difference to the young people we help

With you by our side, we've helped more than 9,000 homeless young people in 2016 - 90% of them have moved on from Centrepoint to a future they want for themselves. And this could only be possible with your support. So let’s keep on going!

We value your opinion

You have helped so many young people - your support is everything. So we want to find out a little more about your views. Please take a few minutes to complete your supporter survey.

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We all need a home – somewhere we can be happy and safe.

Just before Emma’s sixteenth birthday, her whole life turned upside down. Her dad started becoming aggressive and she left her family home. The trouble is, she was forced to move into a whole new house of danger. Some nights to escape, she drank until she wouldn’t feel the cold, then slept in the local park.

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Bursary Appeal Update

Our Bursary scheme exists to help get young people on the path they want for themselves. It’s based on longer-term support for young homeless people with longer lasting, life-changing impact.

Nothing short of determined

Max you are nothing short of  amazing! Thank you for thinking of Centrepoint and for all your endurance throughout this challenging year.

Our Supporters: You Are Amazing!

We love hearing from you, our supporters, and discovering why our work inspires you. Your generosity means so much and it’s clear that your support for youth homelessness comes from the heart.

Volunteers Corner

At Centrepoint, we hold volunteers in high regard. There are a multitude of ways you can volunteer with us from Study Support for a young person, being a Money Mentor, Gym Buddy, Gardener and much more. It can be a rewarding and satisfying experience for someone and life changing for someone else.

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Safe Haven

You are helping to provide homeless young people with a safe and warm room they can call home. We run short-stay hostels, supported flats and services where homeless young people can study and train.

Front Line

Young people who come to Centrepoint often have a range of different and complex problems, and supporting them isn’t as simple as giving them a home. Many will have a mental health issue, such as depression and anxiety, and others may need to tackle issues with substance misuse.

Life lessons in Latin America

Jennifer first came to Centrepoint on 1 August 2014 after being in care due to a family breakdown. It was clear she had the desire to give back to her community and, in her words, ‘make a difference’. Like so many other young people, all she needed was the information, opportunity and support from people like you to really thrive.

Centrepoint provides housing for homeless young people: a graphic representing that young people move on positively after leaving Centrepoint.

90% of young people move on from Centrepoint into a job, education or accomodation

A graphic presenting the location of operation for Centrepoint and sites where Centrepoint provides housing for homeless

We now operate 54 services providing support to young people across the UK

A graphic representing Centrepoint's public purse savings.

For every pound spent on Centrepoint services it is estimated that we save the public purse £2.40