Two participants in a youth Sleep Out.

Sleep Out with your youth group

Youth groups are an ideal place to put on your own Sleep Out.

Scouts, Guides and church youth groups have all held incredible Sleep Outs to support homeless young people.


Get your youth group Sleep Out pack

Our pack will give you essential tips for hosting your own Sleep Out – ensuring you have fun, stay safe and help give homeless young people a future.

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Handy downloads to help you organise your event

Everything you need to set up your youth group's Sleep Out, including useful fundraising tips, materials to promote your event and ways to keep your sleepers entertained on the night. 

Sign-up sheet

This sign-up sheet is an easy way to get started.

Fundraising tips

Follow these top tips to reach your fundraising target.

Sponsorship form

Your sponsorship will help give homeless young people a future. 


Promote your event with this Sleep Out poster.


Create a party atmosphere with this bunting.

Tick list

A handy way to check you've got everything ready for the big night. 

Sleep Out quiz

This is a great way to keep your sleepers entertained on the night.


Write a supportive message to a homeless young person.

Your Sleep Out FAQs

All your questions answered.

Real Stories

Read our real stories of young people who have had their lives changed by Centrepoint.

Your Sleep Out Watch List

We’ve listed some youth homeless documentaries you could watch together on the night.

Sleep out safety.jpg

Sleep Out safely

Your safety is even more important to us than your fundraising. Common sense goes a long way, but there are a few things we recommend you consider to keep yourself safe and within the law. Have a look at the page we've put together to help you Sleep Out safely.

Sleep Out health and safety