A homeless young supported by Centrepoint in his room.

FirstPort Virtual Gifts

After launching our partnership in December 2018, Centrepoint are really excited to work with FirstPort to help give homeless young people a future.

Make a difference to the lives of homeless young people this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is a day for showing you care

By buying one of our gifts, you could help a homeless young person feel valued and help them on their journey to independence.

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How can I buy a gift for a young person?

  • Choose which gift you would like to give from the below options.
  • Enter the price of the gift on your FirstPort Virgin Money Giving page, for example £10.
  • Then enter the gift code in the leave a message section, for example FP02 for a Valentine’s Care Package.

Visit the FirstPort Virgin Money Giving page

Choose your gift

£5 – Valentine's Day Gift – FP01

A £5 donation could provide a sweet treat for a young person to enjoy, and go a long way in making a homeless young person feel special this Valentine’s Day.

£10 – Valentine's Care Package – FP02

A £10 donation could help to make a young person’s room feel more like home with a cushion or duvet cover. For many homeless young people, Valentine’s Day can make the feeling of loneliness worse. But a small gift can go a long way in making their day and helping them to relax.

£15 – Valentine’s Toiletries Set – FP03

When you’ve been sleeping on public transport or sofa surfing, the chance to take a bath or brush your teeth can be a luxury. Your donation could give a homeless young person a clean start with toiletries such as shower gel, moisturiser, a new toothbrush and deodorant.


Most homeless young people who come to Centrepoint have experienced family breakdown. Many have also suffered abuse – whether it's emotional, physical or financial. Our healthy relationships sessions are designed to teach young people about positive relationships and improve their self-esteem.

£55 – Valentine’s Day Dinner – FP05

Food insecurity is a problem almost all homeless young people face. To tackle this, the Centrepoint's Dietetics team came up with The Food Point, a social supermarket which provides access to healthy, affordable food. Your donation could give a young person shopping and cooking experience with one of our dietitians.

£75 – Kitchen Utensils – FP06

When a young person moves into their new Centrepoint accommodation, they still need the basics. A £75 donation could purchase a kitchen utensils kit, providing essential items such as a kettle, pots and pans, cutlery and cookbooks. 

These gifts are real examples of items and services we provide. However, they're used here to represent the way your gift could be spent. Donations will be distributed across Centrepoint's work and used where needed to support homeless young people.

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What is youth homelessness?

Centrepoint is the UK's leading youth homelessness charity. We know young people sleep rough every night – in parks, stairwells, under bridges and worse. But there are thousands more you don't see – spending the night on buses, on sofas or in the homes of strangers. They're escaping abuse, violence, gangs and fear. Many are homeless because they can't live with their family, or they have no family.

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