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With your support, we hope that Centrepoint and our partner's STAY:UP events will raise a whopping £500,000 to help end youth homelessness.

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For the last 15 years, we’ve asked our supporters to Sleep Out to help us end youth homelessness. Last year alone our flagship event raised a phenomenal £1million; helping thousands of young people across the UK to change their story.

But 2020 is different. As with so many of our vital fundraising events, Centrepoint Sleep Out events simply aren't possible this year due to the Coronavirus and current guidelines.

That’s why for the first time ever, instead of Sleeping Out we’re challenging you, our amazing supporters, to STAY:UP for homeless young people!

110,000 young people in the UK are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Some are facing serious danger on the streets. Many are too scared to sleep. Centrepoint won’t rest until we change that – and we want you to join us.

On 8 October, we’re challenging you to STAY:UP all night to help us to end youth homelessness.

Whether you STAY:UP solo or as part of a team, the challenge is simple: Tackle your tiredness, fight the fatigue, banish bedtime and whatever you do, don’t fall asleep!

You could cycle, walk, quiz, dance or paint ‘til morning, however you STAY:UP, your one night without sleep could help a homeless young person turn their life around forever.

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Event Info

Date: 8 October 2020

Time: 8pm-8am

Fundraising Target: £100.... and up!

STAY:UP: Go one night without sleep to help homeless young people​

The Challenge

We’re asking participants to STAY:UP between the hours of 8pm and 8am, but if you feel you need to make it even harder to encourage even more donations, why not up the challenge? Walk, cycle, bake, game or dance through the night, or complete a different activity every hour! If you’re in need of inspiration, our free Fundraising Pack is full of great ideas and fundraising tips and tricks! However you STAY:UP, your one night without sleep could help a homeless young person change their life for the better!


If you have any burning questions about taking part in STAY:UP, you can check out our FAQ section. And if your question hasn't been answered? Contact us:

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