Art, Women and the Evolution

AWE is a four day exhibition featuring work by 12 female artists at The Bloomsbury, London, from 2-5 February 2018.

On Sunday 3 February there is an exclusive gala dinner.

Empowering and Celebrating Emerging Female Artists

This exciting and new event seeks to raise awareness by offering support to emerging and sometimes struggling women artists from all walks of life by offering collaboration, accessibility and visibility.

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The highlight of the event will be a VIP gala dinner extravaganza held within the exhibition hall on Saturday 3 February 2018.

Tickets cost £125 per person are are available by contacting Caroline Gellatly.

All 12 artists involved in the programme will also donate time hosting workshops at Centrepoint. These sessions will use art as a medium of healing and optimism, and will encourage young people interested in building a career in the creative industry.

Artists featured:

  • Abigail Phang Gungfook
  • Ana Milenkovic
  • Antonia Showering
  • Elysia Byrd
  • Katie Buckett
  • Michal Cole
  • Nancy Fouts
  • Nicola Grelier
  • Rosso
  • Venetia Berry
  • Yumi Katayama

The exhibition will open to the public for free and it is an opportunity to purchase and view over 50 pieces of art. 

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