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What would you choose?

Young people like Emma are resorting to desperate measures just to stay warm this winter. But there is another option. You.

This winter young people like Emma are facing desperate measures that no young person should have to face….

centrepoint safe christmas appeal"Things started going wrong just before my sixteenth birthday. My dad became, not violent, but pretty abusive. We’d argue all the time, and eventually I just couldn’t take it, so I walked out.

"Dad got aggressive. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

"That’s when I moved in with my ex. Problem is, he used drugs and the place was disgusting. His so-called friends would come round and they’d all take drugs. They’d also deal them from the house. It never felt safe.

"But the worst thing was his dad and best friend. They both liked me, so I had to try to keep them off me – not easy when they lived in the same flat. In the end, I couldn’t deal with it any more. I drank 'til I couldn’t feel the cold, and left."

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"He used to try and do stuff to me."

"It felt like everyone had turned on me. I was alone, and just kept thinking, 'What are you going to do now? Where are you going to go?' When you’re on the streets, every night means struggling to stay warm, and every noise is terrifying. I never thought running away would make things worse."

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