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You can change the story

The issue of youth homelessness is not a quick fix. 15,000 young people used our services in last year alone, a figure which only hints at the total amount of young people left without a home, without a family. 

But you can help to change the story for so many young people who have become homeless through no fault of their own. You can help to give them a future filled with happiness and potential, something that all young people deserve.



donate today

You have made an incredible impact over the last year and your generosity is already changing the lives of so many young people who may never have felt kindness, warmth, or safety. Unfortunately, we still need your help if we're going to meet the rapidly increasing demand of young people who are on their own and desperately in need of support.

£134 Could help provide Key Worker sessions

Each Key Worker session is three-hours long, and can help to greatly improve a young person's confidence, skills and ability to live independently 

88% of the young people who left Centrepoint moved on positively


£346 Could provide mental health assessments

This is a vital part of ensuring that young people get the right support and treatment, which is tailored to their specific needs and is available when and where they need it 

We worked with more than 15,000 young people last year


£897 Could provide long-term counselling

Counselling courses, made up of 15 sessions, could be a life-saver for any young person who has experienced trauma as a result of family breakdown or abuse whilst homeless 

74% of young people receiving mental health support reduced the severity of their symptoms